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I Am Sam

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Who's going to win the NBA finals? Although the higher seeded team is usually favored, anything goes in the playoffs. More often than not these high stake games come down to match ups and experience. While most have the Detroit Pistons picked to repeat last year's championship run, their first round opponent may have the feistiness to upset the defending champions.

With their quick and long limbed lineup, the Philadelphia Seventy- Sixers might have what it takes to derail the Detroit Pistons. Allen Iverson, Chris Webber, and Rodney Rodgers with hold the majority of the Seventy- Sixers playoff experience. The Seventy - Sixers, although not as good as their opponent, are a very good defensive team. And we all know if you combine experience, defense, and the heart of Allen Iverson anything could happen.

Equipped with last years NBA finals trophy, the Detroit Pistons have more momentum going into the playoffs than any other team. The Pistons were very fortunate to have all five of last years starters return for this year's basketball season, giving them a huge upper hand in the experience column. The most important of all the returning starters, is "Big" Ben Wallace. Along with three strait defensive player of the year trophies, "Big" Ben has also proven to be one of the leagues top rebounders.

With the Detroit Pistons clear cut advantage In the experience and defense column, the Seventy-Sixers have their work cut out for them if they are planning to move on to the second round. Defense is what usually makes the best teams what they are, whether it is basketball, football or rugby. This being known the Seventy - Sixers must match the defensive out put of the Detroit Pistons to have any chance at an upset. There's only one thing left to do, sit back and watch.



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