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Bmw Case Study

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Essay Preview: Bmw Case Study

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Whenever you see the famous white & blue churning logo on any automobile the first thing which strikes your mind is the best Luxury car with quality & performance and it feels really proud to having such a good machine in your garage. BMW (Bavarian Motor Work) is a German based company which was incorporated in 1916, near Munich. Initially it was concentrated on the development and production of the air craft engines but later on they changed their business strategy and entered into the new era of automobile industry. And since then they are not only selling the Automobiles or cars to their customers but in reality they are selling dreams & hopes to their customers to distinguish themselves from the others, owning a BMW is a status symbol of wish fulfillment. The BMW is a perfect example of the emotional branding, they beliefs that a automobile’s brand has to do a lot of things to offer than the car itself. For example BMW brands show the technology, sportiness, Innovative & style at another side Rolls Royce significance the luxurious with elegance & style. Many of their customers admit that they don’t get the same performance & safety from any other car manufacture, when they drive BMW they feel younger from inside. In a press conference one of the board member Helmet Panke back up this strategy when he admitted that

“We offer our customers emotional products which through the strength of the brand and the substance of the product fulfill the customers wish for individualization and differentiation. The BMW group will never build boring products.”

Well BMW does never create cars for individual neither it fulfills all the needs of each and every customer but what BMW does do is that it generates an idea of the status of owning a BMW differentiate that it is built for your own comfort Design & Security which makes a special bond between BMW & their customers. Another philosophy of BMW is that they are selling the dreams to their customer which is not a natural thing & it’s happened only because of their intelligent product Branding. And BMW product branding is not developed by their clever marketing strategies but its roots are deeply spread into their corporate culture. Because of this emotional engagement BMW is able to get large loyal customer base all over the world. Statistics shows that about 60% of their old customer always prefers to buy BMW as their next vehicle. BMW is able to get such a good loyal customer base because they are very innovative, in their work and they are the first one who introduced lots of new technologies in their models like I-Drive, Anti Break System (ABS),



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