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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers - by Willy Russell

The musical Blood Brothers is made by Willy Russel, Blood Brothers is Willy\\\\\\\'s first musical. He'd already achieved great succes with other genres, such as comedy and drama. Some of his most important plays are educating Rita, One for the road and Stags and Hens. To begin with the play was written as a schoolplay. Blood Brother received

great reviews and developed into a regular play in Liverpools Playhouse. Later on it changed the humple liverpool surrondings out with the more fashionable London and its big theatres. It also went world-wide - as far as Australia and even to the world famous broadway in the US. The play is still on air today and the first time i was showen were in 1981.

The story is about two twins who are separated

at birth, but because they live regular close to each other they meet, although their mothers don\\\\\\\'t want them to - and there is a reason why they won't. The reason why they are separated

is that Mrs. Johnston "normally referred

to as The Mother" is unusually poor. She gets a job as a cleaner for a rich family, she\\\\\\\'s very fund of her job. But then she gets pregnant and she finds out that it is with twins - and there is no way that she can affort two more mouths to feed. Then she accidentally talk with Mrs. Lyons "the wife in the house she works in" about her situation. Mrs. Lyons comes with the idea that se should adopt one of her babies, Because Mrs. Lyons is not caperble of giving birth, and her husbond won\\\\\\\'t adopt. The Mother kind of gets tricked into angreeing her offer, partly because of her superstisious and partly because of her poor situation. The years passes by and eventhough the mothers won\\\\\\\'t have them seeing each other, they still meet and grow a very strong friendship.

Throughout the story the characters face the problems with their strange situation. Eventhough they are geneticly very close, they don\\\\\\\'t look the same and

don\\\\\\\'t behave the same either.

Mickey - is very outgoing and allways seeking borders. He\\\\\\\'s kind of the pact leader. Mickey i the one who lives with



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