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Big Brother

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«In my opinion, one more cannot protect our personal pieces of information. These days, a person that has a suspicion has all the means to verify it. The technology destroys our liberty.» This sad report, this is the lawyer Julius Grey that the does. The one that did career in the defense of individual liberties has well wanted to comment on our report on private life. It there carries a realistic and biting look on the ease

to obtain from personal pieces of information.

«It is necessary first to wonder against that it is necessary to protect himself. The government? One there cannot nothing. The state knows all of us: medical file, taxes, unemployment, employment, extracts birth and I some pass», underlines Me Grey.

According to him, this position is unchanging, even if laws frame the work of the governmental agencies and different bodies policemen.

«For the security questions national, for example, the mandates take quickly the edge», splits the lawyer.

Democracy totalitaire «We are in a democracy totalitaire. The difference with Ussr or germany nazie, this is that the government does not put to execution an oppression plan. But I can guarantee you that if the nazis had had the current technology under the hand, not an alone Jew would not have survived the years 40.»

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Julius Grey admits that one can protect oneself while destroying the documents that contain personal the news, while speaking little to the cell one, while refusing to reply to polls or while protecting his personal computer.

«But it is only a small brake, that will not care for the disease. The big organizations as the government or the organized crime have all the tools technologicals, they use it to obtain all the pieces of information that they want.»

For him, the small swindlers are insignificant. «They always finish by to do to take itself, for they leave tracks. You and me let us always leave tracks. This is another history for a man as Oussama bin Laden. If the American government not the did step again find, this is that it has the technology to protect itself.»

Corporation voyeuse What to do therefore to oppose the identity flight? The lawyer has a very philosophical thought on the subject. It believes that the personal pieces of information have value because we live in a corporation



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