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Blod Music

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Blood Music


Greg Bear

Frankie Hutchison

Technology, Society and Culture

Blood Music by Greg Bear explores the evolution technology. My first assumption from just looking at the title was that this article was going to be about the deathly violence in some types of music. It took three times of reading this article to try to figure out if this was really a Science fiction article or if this article touched on possibilities of new kept secret technologies.

This began to be a very hard read for me. I like Sci-Fi movies. However, I am not very literate when it comes to actual scientific or biological facts. Because of this, some of the terminology was well over my head. But, as I kept reading the article, I was interested in the facts that the Scientist, Virgil, found about the intelligent cells. I think this is how the author kept my interest. He sparked my interest by luring me into what was going to happen to the cells.

I think the whole purpose of this article was purely for sci-fi entertainment. However, with the new advances in technology, who’s to say that this is not a new form of technology that is being kept secret to the public because of fear of the consequences.

This article really makes you think. One of the questions that I thought about in the middle of the article was if this was possible? If so, could this be the break through technology that would cure various diseases if controlled?

I think the author also gave a perspective of what would happen if the right people, or scientist, were not involved in experimental activities.

As I kept reading the article I noticed that the questions the author presented even the narrator had problems answering. They were: Why did this happen? How did this happen? What happened?

The reason “Why” this happened was because there was not enough knowledgeable scientist involved in the experiment to control and monitor the biochips progress.

The question “How” this happened could be answered by looking at the the scientist Virgil’s curiosity. Virgil could not stand to see what had evolved as one of the greatest inventions be destroyed. So, instead of killing the biochips he injected



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