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Big Names Of Psych

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Aristotle 384 BC -322 BC

One of Aristotle's philosophic contributions to psychology was each thing or event, he thought, has more than one "reason" that helps to explain what, why, and where it is

Binet, Alfred

1857 -1911

Binet-Simon scale An evaluation of the relative mental development of children by a series of psychological tests of intellectual ability

Darwin, Charles 1809 - 1882 Darwin's Theory of Evolution is that all life is related and has descended from a common ancestor

Descartes, RenИ 1596-1650

The two most widely known of Descartes' philosophical ideas are those of a method of hyperbolic doubt, and the argument that, though he may doubt, he cannot doubt that he exists

Freud, Sigmund 1856- 1939

Freud's exploration of such phenomenon, and his assertions about the nature and functioning of the unconscious mind, remains one of Freud's major contributions to the field of psychology

James, William 1842 -1910 James's discovery of the subconscious mind was a contribution to psychology

Locke, John 1632 - 1704 Locke's most famous and important work is arguably An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. He believed the mind was formed by experiences

Pavlov, Ivan

1849 - 1936 His biggest contribution to the field of psychology is classical conditioning, a theory about how behavior is learned.

Piaget, Jean


Jean Piaget provided support for the idea that children think differently than adults.

Plato 428/427



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