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The name for AIDS is short for acquired immune deficiency syndrome. Some people think that aids are the same thing as HIV. But they are wrong because HIV is the virus that means human immunodeficiency virus. Some people can have the HIV virus and not be diagnosed as having aids for up to ten years. What the virus does is attacks the immune system directly until it just shuts down and you die. There are two main ways that people can get aids one of them is by doing drugs, like using the same needle. Another main way to get aids is by having sexual intercourse with a person that has aids. Another way is through breast milk, vaginal fluid, also the HIV virus can be found in sweat saliva and tears but that is not enough to catch it from them. Also if you get donated semen you have a chance of getting aids also. Those are some of the main ways you can get aids some myths are, that you can get aids from hugging or kissing a person that is infected with aids. Some more myths is that you can get it by living with them, shaking hands with them, playing sports, sitting on the same toilet seat as the person and insect bites are just some off the myths about aids. Some of the symptoms of aids are sweats, fever, and chills weaknesses. Some more are Sore throat, moth soars, muscle stiffness, and headache, diarrhea, fatigue, rashes and weight loss. There is no cure yet for aids. The only way to be a hundred percent sure is abstinence.



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