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Big Brother Case Study

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Essay Preview: Big Brother Case Study

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Big Brother Case Study

The core issue on the hands of the Big brother agency is that the volunteers are scarce and the total matches between big and little brothers have dropped by 40% over the past 2 years. There are a number of boys in the waiting list sometimes for even 2 years anticipating to be matched with a big brother.

Problems Identified: Recruitment and retention of volunteer Big brothers are crucial issues for the organization, increasing the comfort zone for the volunteers.

The organization needs to improve the number of matches and demonstrate the organization effectiveness in meeting its objectives. Hence the present goal of big brothers agency is to increase the number of matches to improve its image and chances of benefiting from the larger donations and from united way allocations.

Solutions Identified:

Today’s pace of life is so drastically different from earlier days that people do not find enough time to spend time with their own family, since they spend at the least a good 3 to 4 hours in their commute to office or home in the whole 12 to 14 active hours on any given day. So the organization must make sure that they make it a bit easy for the volunteers to spend as little amount of time as possible in making their way to the organization. One solution to this problem is to spread the organizations reach across the city or the countries length and breadth, by locating logistically easily accessible parts of a city, and have a home there. By this way people from different parts of the city can access the organization easily on their way to home or office thereby avoiding the lingering thought of a long tired commute, which may more often be the prime reason to avoid the organization although it’s may seem like a minor problem.

If the above step is carried out, the organization can cover a fair amount of big brother’s problem.

The rest of the problem is the lack of interest in the mid of the people. To tackle this issue, the organization needs to arrange for a short 10 to 20 minute presentation in corporate offices, colleges and in any other crowd pulling events. The presentation would be appealing, if they could present a short film, and if the film could depict the children’s need of parental, brotherly affection and their loneliness, it may turn out to be a potentially heart winning presentation. This film can also be screened at theatres which can draw the attention of a wide range of people.

Having covered the big brother’s with lack of interest, the rest is the people we need to get the input from. This is by far the most important stage of reviving this program. The best way to do this is to hand out survey sheets with questions that point to the problems the big brother’s face in spending time, the concerns and many other questions which can help us identify problems that the organization might have failed to address.

Big brother agency should also have a regular get together for all the volunteer big brothers to discuss about things like how each one’s experience was etc, add recreational facilities to their offices, like indoor games etc which is a one time investment.




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