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Best Day Of My Life

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The best childhood place I would have to say is Phillip Island for me and still is my favourite place. There is this church that takes people out to fun camps each year for five days which my parents, best friend Dion and I have gone for as long as I could remember. The place we stayed at was a two story old, haunted looking building, it had long hallway that echoed every time you made any noise, a massive dinning room that could fit at least one hundred and fifty people in it and it sometimes did. There is a lounge room upstairs that had a piano that was always being smashed by kids and it has the most comfortable couches I have ever sat on in my life, once you sit on it, it sucks you in like quicksand and to get up you'd need some help. Every morning all the, what we call church leaders and some others would gather to the lounge room and sing songs and do stuff they'd do in church. Outside there is a theatre room that was used on the last night of the camp, for plays people thought up during their time at camp. There was a pond that had big fat goldfishes, I remember falling into that dirty pond water back when I was a clumsy child. There was playground that had slides, swings and a boat, being young kids my friends and I used our imagination to the limit and thought we'd be able to fix up that boat and sail it back to Melbourne all by ourselves. Everyday the leaders would make call outs to beaches, the best beach I remember going to was called Woolamai, and every time we would go to the beach, everyone wanted to go there because it was the perfect beach, no sharp shells or rocks, no slimy seaweed and big waves.

What made going to this camp so good wasn't just the place we stayed but more the type of people who went, there was a mix of manly Lebanese, Vietnamese and Somalian people and we all got along with each other. Every year Dion and I go we meet new and old friends that we don't see all year until we all meet up



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