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Ben Whittaker Intern Assignment

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Essay Preview: Ben Whittaker Intern Assignment

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Seventy-year-old single man Ben Whittaker, a resigned official from a phone book directory organization, applies to a senior citizen intern program after retirement has turned out to be unreasonably exhausting for him. The organization in Brooklyn he applies to is About the Fit, a quickly developing web based business form startup, whose originator and CEO Jules Ostin had recently consented to a network outreach program where seniors would intern at the firm. Ben awes everybody and is one of four enlisted. Ben is appointed to work with Jules, who is to some degree suspicious at first. At first solidified out by her, Ben gradually prevails upon associates with his agreeability and gets into Jules great graces.


  • Sleep:

 Ben hit the sack at 10 pm and utilized a morning timer to wake. Standard rest calendars and sleep time schedules are essential. This sound practice enables your body to get the correct measure of rest, recover, and fortify your safe framework.

  • Life Long learning:

 Receptiveness to new thoughts keeps your mind dynamic and you progressively pertinent. In the movie Ben swung to his grandson and youthful partners to coach him on utilizing innovation

  • Exercise:

 We see Ben doing Tai Chi which is a great type of activity for all individuals, particularly more established grown-ups. This assists with center quality and parity which can avoid falls in more seasoned grown-ups and is additionally extraordinary for unwinding and helpful for all ages



Ben is high self-monitoring person adjust himself when meeting different people and situations.


  • Loyal: Stayed in one company for 40 years
  • Conscientiousness: Work late, get ready whenever jules need him
  • Paient: Deals with jules bad attitude


  • Enthusiasm: Help others with their jobs and life
  • The film opens with Ben getting a charge out of the organization of companions and weaves that through the motion picture. Before interfacing with the startup Ben had a morning Starbucks routine on the grounds that, as he said it made him "feel some portion of something."


  1. I am loyal
  2. Helps others when they are in problems
  3. Wake up early in the morning
  4. Dynamic in nature
  5. Adaptability

The above points are identical myself with Ben.



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