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Bad Short Story For...Golden Pants

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The story Golden Pants by roger Lemelin is about a young boy from a family that wasn't far from poverty. His mom of course, who wasn't so good a sewing made all his clothes. So maybe his fashion wasn't that great until the day she made him golden pants. The golden pants turned out to be the solution to all his problems.

I liked this story because it reminds me of kids I knew back in the day.

Style wasn't so important when I was younger but one thing I remember was if you showed up in school with purple pants and a lime green shirt...You were bound to be made fun of. Of course I didn't have the greatest style back then either but eventually I'd showed up with clothes that would blow your mind that everyone just had to have. This reminds me of this story because Roger didn't have the greatest clothes until one day his mom found material from a 1920 Cadillac car seat, the pants of course looked really silly but thanks to the pants, roger became really popular. Now maybe I didn't become really popular but I got some attention from kids which was good in my case.

Anyway, I think the pants really helped roger in a way, I no how it feels not being accepted and hey I mean if I had a pair of pants that made everyone want to be my friend, back then I'd pay hundreds of dollars for them.

I like the fact Rogers mom never gave up on sewing even though she knew the clothes she made weren't very attractive, it reminds me of when my mom will buy something or have something from when she was younger and she snows it to my sisters and I and we usually just back away from it, eventually she'll force us to wear it and when we wear it in public we feel like everyone is looking at us and we get shy and just feel like being unnoticed but really I find it's not really what other people think when they look at you but it's how you feel when your wearing it, I no a lot of people at school who wear the most...ugly shirts or pants but they wear it with confidence



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