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English Short Stories

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Life is like a journey. There are many things that come and go. Some of those things may lead to a negative or positive outlook. One may be on his or her own when in need of help. Lots of people look for things in the wrong way. His or her message me be interpreted by another person. In the story, and the poem we find that the characters are desperate, there are miscommunication or misunderstanding and they all wind up worse off.

In "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn", the big guy is desperate for a friend. He wants someone to talk to. He wants to let that someone know about his situation. The big guy wants to make friends when he said "How d'yah get t'Eighteen Avenoo an' Sixty-sevent' Street?" When this was asked, the big guy had different directions from different people. He then ended up having a real conversation with the little guy. Him and the little guy started talking and then it lead to like a friendship conversation. The little guy asked him "What are you doing here?". He said I'm just traveling to different places. So as you can see, the big guy is starting to make friends with the little guy.

In "The Chaser" Allan is desperate for a love potion. He is in need for the potion in a hurry. He wants to use it on a girl named Diana. Allan is so desperate that he went up a dark and creaky stairs in his neighborhood. He had never gone to this place before. He found the place and met the old man that sells the potion. When Allan found out the potion costs one dollar and that it will change the way his girlfriend feels about him, he was eager to get it. As you can see, Allan wants to buy the potion based on its functions.

In "Not Waving But Drowning", the dead man is desperate to make friends. He is lonely and needs someone to talk to. He wants to tell someone about his life story. He said "Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still lay moaning". He definitely wants to tell his story and that's why he keeps moaning. He must of mad a bad impression for no one not wanting to listen to him.

In "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn", the big guy message was miscommunicated or misunderstanding. He is trying



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