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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence consists of two words artificial and intelligence. Artificial things can be seen as substitute of real things. The word artificial means something that is not real and type of fake which is simulated. Intelligence on the other hand is complex term. Intelligence can take different forms like logic, understanding, self-awareness, learning and emotional knowledge etc. Artificial intelligence can be referred as the subfield of computer science. The term artificial intelligence is acted by machines, computers and mainly software. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science aims to create that. Artificial intelligence is about making intelligent machines, especially computer programs. Artificial intelligence can be seen as branch of computer science that deals with automating intelligent behaviour. The term artificial intelligence is used to describe system whose objective is to use machines to emulate and simulate human intelligence and corresponding behaviour.

The development of artificial intelligence can be traced back to ancient Egypt with the development of electronic computer in 1941. It was the Dartmouth conference where this term artificial intelligence has been first coined in 1956 and developed further. Artificial intelligence was trying to find a link between human intelligence and machines. The first such link was found in thermostat. The feedback loop was involved in the thermostat. It controls the temperature of the environment by gathering actual temperature of the house and compared it to the desired temperature by turning the heat up or down. Further, in 1956, John McCarthy, the father of artificial intelligence organized a conference on Artificial intelligence by bringing together the founders in AI.

Influence of artificial intelligence on managers

Artificial intelligence is redefining the roles of modern managers by putting greater emphasis on creativity and innovation. Artificial intelligence is streamlining the workflow of modern managers by making them more efficient. AI is not replacing the managers instead it is adding extra talent and skills to them. The researchers at a consulting firm Accenture have recently surveyed a group of 1,770 managers from 14 countries as well as 37 top executives. The results of the survey showed that artificial intelligence is redefining the roles of the managers. AI is making managers more effective by outsourcing many routine and administrative tasks to AI. As per survey, managers at Accenture are spending 54% of their time in administrative and control duties. Artificial intelligence can save their time by performing those duties. The managers are the backbone of the organizations. It is unfortunate that most of them are spending their precious time in administrative duties. The technology inbuilt in artificial intelligence can take the onus of administrative duties from the managers so that they can focus on productive tasks.

The decision making is a tedious task in the organizations. All the three levels of management spend number of hours on important decision making in the organizations.



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