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Articles Of Incorporation

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- Article 1: The name of this corporation will be "The Art of Hockey" (TAH).

- Article 2: The term or existence is of this corporation is perpetual, unless dissolved by a 2/3rds majority vote.

- Article 3: The corporation is designed to allow children, boys and girls, to be educated, physically and mentally trained, and for an understanding of the game of hockey and how to work as a team or in a group.

- Article 4: The Corporation will have the necessary power to do what ever means possible to insure the safety and liability of children within the corporation. Removal of any child or parent from rink, learning class room or equipment area will be permitted by any employee or instructor. We will be subject to the amount of children per semester; we must be selective to give all children a safe and easy learning environment.

- Article 5: All proceeds and money made payable to our corporation will be kept strictly for the existence of the corporation, money attained will be put forth for members of the group that have donated time, goods and other means that were necessary. Money will not be loitered to employees, and any stipend or compensation or perpetual raise can be given to any employee, even the president himself must go through treasurer before acting with the money. A necessary payroll will be submitted to every employee before start, and there will be asked if the accept of decline the rules of the corporation.

- Article 6- By no means wills the corporation disturb any law or legislative association. It will not have any ties to any form of propaganda, and it will not mimic any other form of government or federal areas. It will not damage or impede any other form of hockey clinic, or the National Hockey League and the affiliates are included as well.

- Article 7- No type of member ship is necessary, with the guarantee that the time designated by this corporation is sufficient enough to give a child the ability to learn and play the game of hockey. A membership will not be applicable due to the fact that our organization will be seasonal, with limited ice time.

- Article 8- All employees will pay a fee of ten dollars upon start of TAH, and it will be given to the treasurer to allow our corporation to give children proper snacks and drinks, to limit the threat of injury or starvation. All members will also buy their own hockey equipment and uniforms. Also all money made, will be put forth to allow every child to receive a ribbon upon graduating from TAH. With one president, and a treasurer, any other positions will not be necessary. Except for fundraiser (if needed), and public affairs official. There will be five positions in total: - President, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraiser, Public Affairs, Sergeant at Arms and assistant treasurer depending on the numbers of applicable



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