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Article Review - "fat and Happy" by Worley

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Essay Preview: Article Review - "fat and Happy" by Worley

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The article written by Mary Ray Worley addresses the issue of being fat. “Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance” reveals thoughts on how the American Society today pushes the belief that fat people should be ashamed of their bodies. While attending a convention hosted by the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance Worley soon realizes that she no longer has to feel shame for her body size. At this convention Worley witnesses something she had never seen on the “typical planet”. Here were “fat people” dancing, swimming, laughing and enjoying life. Worley could not experience this in the typical American society because of the fastidious people that were cruel to the heavier population.

Worley reveals some of her adventures at this joyous convention such as vendors offering ostentatious clothing that made even the fattest women feel fierce and beautiful. Worley conveys the aspect of how nice it is to be able to wear a swimsuit in public without feeling shame. While attending this convention, she even was privileged enough to sing onstage in a talent show. Fat and Happy: In Defense of Fat Acceptance opens up the ideas that not everyone is built the same. Worley tells the reader how women are different, in size and age, yet they all glow with beauty in a unique way.

A speaker at this event, Dr. Diane Budd, is informative on the connection of science and weight. Worley cites Dr. Diane Budd who states a significant amount of information about what really contributes to body size; the genetic makeup. Regardless of the wealth of scientifically backed information provided, the doctors neglect to mention how ostracizing the weight issues is in American society. Most people feel too ashamed off their weight to even visit a doctor due to how prejudiced health professionals are. Worley informs the reader that many of the minute illnesses such as a cough are easily put under the category of a “weight related



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