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Internet Article Review

Biblical Managers and the Functions of Management:

Do Today's Management Principles Apply?

February 24, 2004

Biblical Managers and the Functions of Management:

Do Today's Management Principles Apply?

The article describes the traditional four functions of management and then goes on to put an interesting slant on the theories of management. It examines several biblical characters and determines how they utilized the functions of management in their lives. I would have never thought of Noah as management but obviously (now) he was.

I found the article to be a reinforcement of what was learned in week one of Mgt 330 by showing how managing takes on many different aspects. Even though there is some disagreement in many areas of management, the four basic functions are included in almost every management class.

The first function of management is Planning which is basically goal setting. A good plan states future goals and objectives and how to accomplish them. In the planning stage the mission statement should also be developed which states the whole reason for the organization's existence. The mission statement also serves as a guide for managers to fulfill this mission.

After establishing a plan, Organizing is the next function to consider. This involves determining how the organization will be structured including who has authority and the chain of command. Procedures are established and assignments are coordinated. The manager makes sure that the plans are carried out.

Leading is the manager's ability to influence, inspire and motivate others to reach the goals established in the planning process. And finally, Controlling is a method of evaluation and measurement of performance in working to achieve the organization's goals.

"Management theory today emphasizes the importance of these four functions to the successful completion of management tasks". (Arendall, Creighton & Pray, 2004)

The first person the article talks about is Noah and how he ignored



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