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Artest Write Up (Music)

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Andrew Vaccarezza

Dr. Keith Bohm

Music 129, section2

28 June 2007

Starry Eyes

Choosing a favorite music artist is much more difficult than I had anticipated. When you listen to over twelve hours of music each day you tend to incorporate every type of music into your lift. With much time and thought devoted to choosing my favorite music artist, I decided to choose one that no one has probably heard of before, Starry Eyes. Starry Eyes is a small local band which originated in Lodi California, my home town. I was introduced to one of the previous band members Brian True about four years ago through a mutual friend. Through Brian, I met the two other members of the bad, these members where Nicholas Weethee and his younger brother Chris Weethee. The first time I heard their songs and their cover songs I instantly was captured by their rhythm and lyrics.

Nicholas was, and still is, the lead singer, song writer, and manager of the band. Nicholas was born on the twenty third of October in 1981. He was born and raised in the small town of Lodi California. At the age of one Nicholas was given his first musical instrument, a Smerf drum set and his musical talent began to develop. At the age of three-years-old Nicholas could already play simple beats. On his twelfth birthday he was given his first recognizable musical instrument, which would ultimately lead to his music carrier, the acoustic guitar. Although this gift from his parents would sit in the closet for the next year, Nicholas would begin to learn how to play at the age of thirteen due to a crush he had on a girl. Nicholas began to work on his vocals and put together his first band at the age of fourteen. His first band was called Eruption and included his younger brother Chris and their neighbor and friend Brian True. This band developed three of its own songs, and sang cover songs from bands like Green Day and The Beetles.

Around this same time Nicholas was entering into high school. Music left his life and sports took its place until his senior year when he joined a band called Beyond The Point. After graduating he decided to join another band called Shortline. While Nicholas was in college working on his degree in music, this band inspired him to start his own, which is now known as Starry Eyes. Nicholas would develop Starry Eyes over the next three and a half years with his younger brother Chris and good friend Brian True. However, Brian would not stay with Starry Eyes and Nicholas would decide to move to Hollywood to further pursue his music carrier.

Starry Eyes would develop and produce its first album in June of 2005 called Pick Up The Pieces. This album consists of 9 songs which all have the same instruments, melody, general theme and pace.

The fifth track on the album Pick Up The Pieces is called “Lonely.” The lyrics portray a feeling of lost love, continuing love and hate love. This song was inspired by Brian’s love life and was written and preformed by Nicholas and his younger brother Chris.

As you can see Starry Eyes’ music is very expressive and has a tasteful choppy feel to it. The genre can be described as a complex mix of rock, acoustic alternative rock, and progressive rock. Starry Eyes’ genre came from various



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