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Art Case

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How can an individual perceive good art? Some people prefer sculpture based on Greek Mythology, while others appreciate portraits of famous people or even abstract paintings. The diversity of choices from people is because of the different elements and principles of art. During my visit to the Arts Factory, I came across different works of art varying from simple paintings to totally random creations. One painting by Mad Von Rooney entitled, "Purgatory is a Fun House" captured my attention. It is made up of mixed media and is 24 x 36 inches. A formal analysis will be used to describe this painting through some of the elements of art. These are time and motion; scale, proportion, emphasis and focal point; and unity, balance, pattern and rhythm.

First, we will analyze the painting based on time and motion. Since time cannot be directly shown through a painting, the artist divided his work into sections. It shows on the left side of the painting how the angel is going to heaven with escalator going upstairs and the devil is going downstairs to hell. Then the scene shifted to the top portion when the angel and devil looked into each other's eyes with anger. The purgatory itself was shown in the background on the lower right portion of the painting. Implied motion was also shown on the elevator by the diagonal lines and the arrow sign pointing upwards. The flame on the lower left corner used stroboscopic motion. Incorporating passage of time to a painting can truly show the exceptional ability of an artist.

Second, we will discuss scale, proportion, emphasis and focal point. This painting uses distorted scale to create a supernatural effect to emphasize the purgatory. The skull and the face were enlarged while the devil on the middle right sitting on the face were kept in the same proportion as the graves. As we look in the painting, the artist wants to put emphasis on the purgatory through the use of bright colors. In this composition, there are three focal points: the purgatory, the



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