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April Morning

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The narrator is Adam Cooper, a 15-year-old who lives in Lexington in 1775, he tells of his life and surroundings. He is criticized by his father for laziness and disrespect all the time. Adam confides in his mother and grandmother of how he thinks his father hates him. Joseph Simmons, a relative, is introduced at dinnertime. He stops in and has a bite to eat before the committee meeting. Adam, at 15, is a year too young to participate in the committee that night. After his father refuses to let him go to the meeting, Adam goes to see his only true friend, Ruth Simmons, son of Joseph. After a short walk, we find that Ruth and Adam are in love. Later that night, Adam hears his father talking about the meeting. There was much discussion about the looming British threat. Adam's mother tells Moses, his father, of how he feels. Moses explains to her that he just wants to toughen him up and he really does love him. Adam cries silently in his room. His father finishes his talk of the committee We find that his village, Lexington, is in turmoil about the impending revolution.

Lexington is awakened in the middle of the night by a lone rider with the news that the British army has left Boston and is marching on the village. Adam slips out to join his father and the reverend, who are discussing with the committeemen what their response should be if 1,000 or more British troops march in to be opposed by the 79-man local militia. Adam, carrying his weapon, a fowling piece, signs up with the militia and joins his father, Moses.

The British army marches in just before dawn. There is a brief standoff; shots are fired, redcoat soldiers kill Adam's father and several others. Adam and the militia scramble to escape. Adam hides out in a smokehouse for the night. Adam is almost captured the next morning by a British patrol. He escapes into the countryside, where he meets an older man, Solomon Chandler. They walk together toward where the British army has disappeared,



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