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Antz Essay

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ANTZ Essay

Plato and Z represent the same idea but in different ways. The movie ANTZ and Plato's Utopia have many striking yet relatable similarities. I've found that in both, the Military assumes the dictatorial role, while the workers are there to take their commands. But, often within the hierarchy there are rebellious (antz) people who feel that they are being mistreated and yearn to live in a land where free will is always convenient, like, Plato's Republic/ Utopia and ANTZ's Insectopia.

The Military defend us, but is it always for the better? In the movie and the article the military represent a dangerous force. In some cases they take advantage of their power and put it to sinful use, as in ANTZ where General Mandible uses his power to destroy and take over the colony. The Workers also symbolize the same relative idea in the reading and video. In both, the workers are the slaves who do the dirty work for the military and any higher officials. But, the difference in the Plato's workers and Z's workers are that Z's workers aren't well respected and aren't treated necessarily equally. Although the differences are more noticeable, there are similarities among both working classes. Both have very few individual freedoms and neither have the ability to advance to a higher position.

Just like the military, breeding is another idea that demonstrates significance in both the editorial and film. In Plato's Utopia he expresses his want for regulated breeding of the ruling class. Where as in the movie, the breeding tactics used aren't the same. When a baby ant is born he is brought before panels of judges, with no previous knowledge of the baby's parental experiences or job situation, decide what the child will remain for its eternity.

If you've never seen heaven, it's hard to imagine what it really looks like, but if you envision a place so perfect that you wouldn't want



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