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Anne Frank

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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Annelies Frank, or known to us as Anne Frank, was a young Jewish girl who had to go into hiding with her family after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933 (History 1). Anne Frank was born June 12, 1929 to Edith and Otto Frank. On her thirteenth birthday, she got a diary. In which that diary she writes about the time during war when her and her family was hiding. In 1942, three weeks after Anne’s birthday, her and her family had to go into hiding. In 1944, they were soon discovered and sent to concentration camps. The life of Anne Frank involved in hiding from the Nazis, writing in her diary about the war, and getting sent to concentration camps and getting separated from her family.

Anne Frank and her Jewish family had to go into hiding in July of 1942. In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and made it every difficult for the Jews. The family decided to go into hiding after Margot got a letter to report to a camp in Germany. The Franks hid in a secret apartment behind her father’s, Otto Frank, business in Amsterdam. Anne was joined by her mother, Edith, her older sister, Margot, and her father, Otto. About a week later after going into hiding, the family was joined by Hermann van Pels, business associate of Otto, his wife Auguste, and their son Peter. Miep Gies, and a few other employees, helped sneak food and news to the family even though it was dangerous (History 1). Later that year in November, Miep’s Jewish dentist, Fritz Pfeffer, joined the Franks and the Van Pels. They had to stay very quiet during the day so nobody downstairs would hear them and realize they’re up there and turn them in. But at night, everyone downstairs goes home so they didn’t have to be so quiet anymore. They would also stay inside because they were too scared to go outside. But to pass the time Anne wrote in her diary.

During the day, whenever the people downstairs was working, Anne spent her time writing in her diary. She got the diary for her thirteenth birthday. It had a checked cloth cover and a lock on the front. When she wrote in her diary she would address it to ‘Kitty’ as if she was writing to a friend. Anne Frank wrote about life in hiding, including her impressions of the other inhabitants of the Secret Annex, her feelings of loneliness and her frustration over the lack of privacy (History 1). She would spend some of her time trying to continue her education. She always wanted to be a writer. Anne wrote short stories, fairy tales, an essay, and even began a novel (Davies 164). But soon the Franks and their friends were discovered.

On August 4 1944, the Franks and their friends were discovered and sent to concentration camps.



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