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Essay Preview: Anglo-Saxon

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"You each have something dicine in your soul, namely Reason and Memory and a discerning will to make choices in life". This quote was from a famous King known as Alfred the Great. The Anglo-Saxon period started in 449 and ended around 1066. There was plenty of actions that happened

in between that time, starting with Tacitus. Tacitus wrote that the british Isles lay at the outer edge of the world, almost into the whrilpools, and recalled how sailors blown there by a hurricane had encountered creatures half human and half animal. Procipius described Britain as inhabited by the souls of the dead ferried across the Channel from the Continent.

In ancient times the largest of the islands was inhabited by Britons the nest largest by Gaels. These were Celtic people who came from the European contient at an uncertain date. Today in parts of the British Isles languages descended form those of the Celts are still spoken. The surviving languages include Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, and Breton.

Druids wrote things such as Hymns, Poems, Historical records, etc. Popular pictures of the Britons as savages, for they dressed in animals skins, conducted gruesome sacrifices and according to contemporary accounts, went into battle unclothed and painted with blue dyes. They also produced haunting myths. And made astronomical observation. Also they made beautiful artifacts sucks as bracelets, necklaces, pottery, and the White Horse of Uffington.

In 75 bc Britain was invaded by a tribe from the Continent called the Belgae. They brought with them a heavy plow that revoluntionized agricultre on the island.



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