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A.D Anglo-Saxons Case

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in the 1st century A.D Anglo-Saxons time period was from 450-1066 A.D until the romans took control over germany and remained until 410 A.D. Angles and the Saxons invaded early england and settled there. Anglo-Saxons developed a society with values emobodied in a heroic ideal known as the Anglo-Saxons epic hero. In order to be a Anglo-Saxon epic hero you have to have the characteristcs such as strength, courage, loyalty, and fate. There is only one person who posses all these characteristics and that is beowulf.

Beowulf exhibits the strength that is characterized by the Anglo-Saxons epic hero. Beowulf shows numerous amounts of strength thoughout the story,”lucky or not, nine was the number of sea-huge monsters I killed”( line 307). In the story beowulf defends his whole village and everyone in his village was afraid of him; “ his strength  protected his towns ans his people”(line 255). He uses his strength to defeat monsters and to defend his self, like when beowulf defeated grendels mom; “he rasied his arms and seized her by the shoulder; anger doubled his strength , desparated lifed his sword high over his head and struck with all the strength  he had left”(line 640-643). Aslo when he defeated five giants; “I drove five great giants into chains” (line 151). Beowulf was “the strongest of the greats, greater and stronger than anyone in the world”( line 325). Beowulf is defianly  considered a Anglo-Saxon epic hero because he always does his best to defeat every monster and protect his people.

Beowulf exhibits courage throughout the entire book because he has to always do things that others wouldn’t do. “ as god is my witness I would rather  my body were robbed in the same burning blaze as my gold-silver” (line 675) . beowulf is saying that he will fight the same way he would if he had armor on.  “then he saw the mighty water witch and swung his sword”  (line 594) . “ I would rather not use any weapon if I knew another way” (line 666-667). Beowulf would rather fight with his hands than use weapons. “



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