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Why we can’t face god? Why angels exist?

The Creator Himself is so powerful and glorious that He cannot be approached in person by human beings. He alone "hath immortality, dwelling in the light which no man can approach unto: whom no man hath seen, nor can see (1 Timothy 6:16). Angels do not have man's shortcomings , and can therefore act for God and represent Him when communicating with men and women. They bridge the huge gap between the holiness and perfection of God in heaven and the shortcomings of dying people on this planet. Angels were made immortal (that is, never to die).

Having been brought into existence by God, the angels are called the "sons of God". These "sons of God" were there working for the Almighty. The Creator commanded, and the tasks were carried out.

How angels look like?

When the first man was being created, the angels gave him a form resembling their own. This does not mean that the first of the human race had exactly the same physical nature as the angels, for the angels were made to live for ever. Adam and Eve were not made never-dying: they did sin, and they suffered death as the punishment for it. That is why the whole human race has been dying ever since. The fact that man was created in the image of the angels speaks of God's ultimate intention for His creatures.

What is the use of angels?

For the believer knowing that the angels are there for his or her benefit is itself a great help. Just as we can have complete confidence in a skilled surgeon when undergoing a major operation (although we may never see him while our "eyes are closed" under the anaesthetic ). So, to understand the work of the angels is to be confident in God's care for us and in the ways of providence that surround our lives. Indeed. in practice it is something more than that. If we are sincere , we pray to God and God answers our prayers in harmony with His will. He sends His angel who, unseen, orders the circumstances and situations around us, so changing our lives. When the heavenly hosts are sent to gather together the "elect" for judgement at the return of Jesus, the elect may meet and see the angels for the first time The invitation may well. Now is the time to believe in the LORD God and His angels and to prepare for this great event.

Each of us is given a Guardian Angel at birth.

People's Perceptions of Angels

In the middle ages it was believed that the angelic mind had a greater power of understanding than any human could hope to attain. St. Thomas Aquinas, the great scholar and theologian, said angels could communicate with one another by opening their minds and revealing what was there.

Angels Wings - During the 1600s, angels pervaded the world of literature and art, depicted by a vast array of images and writings. Angels were accessible to the laity through these arts than through church doctrines. Perhaps those earlier inspired visions and translations in the human way of what the spirit of God was to these people became a style. It wasn't so much that every artist that was experiencing a spiritual flow necessarily saw an angel. But the image was strong, the wings, the concept of wings and their meanings in many symbolic ways held over.

Continuing into the 18th century, the influence of angels still waned . The angels held their place in the liturgy of the church, but with the steady advance of scientific thought they were seen mainly as images of the past

When a person died they are met in an intermediary level called World of Spirits, where angels meet them and their education and spiritual process continues. Angels are also thought to raise children who die in the natural world. . Angelhood, if you want to call it that, is definitely a process and we need to go through this process, we need to be adults, we need to be mature beings before becoming angels. Could it be that angels in the spiritual world educate infants and children who have passed on because they have not yet reached their intellectual maturity for angelhood?

The purpose of creation is to form a heaven of angels from the human race. After the spiritual experiences, which Swedenborg had, he claimed to have lived simultaneously in both the natural and spiritual worlds. Consequently, he conversed daily with angels.

The highest form of angels are described by Swedenborg as celestial angels or heavenly angels and they are the angels who are closest to God, if that is your understanding of the source of all of creation, the source of the universe. And they live goodness for the sake of goodness. While in the Swedenborg system angels are not separate creations, angels are highly evolved humans who have passed on to other levels of spiritual awareness in our everyday language we mean they have died and gone on to other things.

People who claim to have experienced near death experiences talk about going through and being met at the end of a tunnel by angels. Some people describe meeting a being of light, others say they meet Jesus.

Blake's idea of angels differed somewhat from Swedenborg's, although he was strongly influenced by him. Blake believed angels were a separate order of creation. For Blake, the angel was a symbol of the world of the spirit. In the 19th century, newly formed scientific principals were causing fervor amongst religious thinkers. As our knowledge of our material world increased, the spiritual realm was pushed farther away. The idea of the angel was becoming more detached from its religious foundations. Angels became more romanticized, more secular . The



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