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Analysis of the Importance of Establishing Goals & Objectives

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Essay Preview: Analysis of the Importance of Establishing Goals & Objectives

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ICPR 103                                                                                 Abigail Sanchez

Prof. Niki Miranda                                                                             February 8, 2017

Summary & Analysis of the importance of Establishing Goals & Objectives

(Chapter 4, Strategic Planning for Public Relations by Ronald D. Smith)

Setting communication goals and objectives creates benefits. It lets people know what is expected of them, it lets others know what is planned, it helps to quantify the resources that are needed and when, it helps to improve communication between the participants, and it creates measurable results.

Some of the main goals of Public Relations is to create, maintain, and protect the organization's reputation, enhance its prestige, and present a favorable image. Consumers often base their purchase decisions on a company's reputation, so public relations can have a definite impact on sales and revenue. Public relations can be an effective part of a company's overall marketing strategy. In the case of a for-profit company, public relations and marketing should be coordinated to be sure they are working to achieve the same objectives.

Goal: Global statement of how an issue should be resolved

6 Characteristics of a Goal Statement

1. Rooted in organization's mission & vision of success

2. General & non-specific

3. Non-measured

4. Challenging

5. Attainable

6. Acceptable to management/client

3 Types of Goals

Reputation Management - enhancing image

Relationship Management - fostering connections

Task Management - accomplishing something

Whether the organization is large or small; for-profit or nonprofit; local or global – there is an objective. Objectives may include generating a profit, promote goodwill, raise awareness, change attitudes, giving back to a community, or simply to inform the public. To advance the organization, those doing so need a clear understanding of the organization’s aims. This is true for the Public Relations (PR) team: the purpose of every Public Relations professional is to the organization achieve its objectives.

Objective: Specific statement of purpose for a Public Relations activity

10 Characteristics of an Objective

1. Rooted in goals

2. Focused on a public

3. Results-oriented

4. Explicit

5. Precise and measurable

6. Time-definite

7. Singular

8. Challenging

9. Attainable

10. Acceptable to management/client

3 Levels of Objectives:  Awareness, Acceptance, and Action – These levels are a hierarchy. Awareness objectives must be implemented before acceptance objectives, and those before action objectives.

  1. Awareness (Cognitive) - Attention - Comprehension – Retention
  2. Acceptance (Affective) - Interest - Positive/Negative Attitude (based on compliance, identification, internalization)
  3. Action (Conative) - Opinion Behavior

After setting an organization’s goals and objectives and how PR objectives relate to them, it’s vital to present these three sets of objectives: outputs, outcomes and business results to the client or highest department. The executives need to understand and agree to these. It’s important to work with them to understand the target audiences, the time frame, other business actions and activities, long-term business objectives, and subordinate short-term objectives.



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