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Analysis Of Ups

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My present employer is United Parcel Service and they run a very tight shipping buissness. The target market is primarily now to buissness for delivering air letters and freight worldwide it started originally delivering for individuals but has expanded considerably over the years. They have over 200 operations outside the United States. They were originally known for there abilitys to track package dilvery and provide excellent estimated delivery dates to there customers. They are one of the largest parcel delivers in the world. They provide next day air service to regular ground at a competitive price for there business


There competition is very intense because customers are always looking for better service and cheaper prices. They now mainly compete day to day with FEDEX which has the largest competition and has recently over the past few years started a much larger expanded ground service. On the recent figures UPS had a Revenue of 39 billion and FEDEX had a revenue of 31 billion which is right on there tail and has had a much stronger. Even though FEDEX serves now a larger international base of over 215 country's and provides a specialized service for shipping packages over 150lbs. They have other competition that is also adopting the same tracking and delivery confirmation technology that UPS has been using for years and that company is the United States Postal Service. They have always been the largest for shipping packages not known for the highest reliability and early AM delivery's are not available. But has now became a very realistic competition for regular next day delivery's and packages. Within the Worldwide DHL is one of the biggest outside the United States competitions they are service mostly outside the United States and owned by a German corporation they have acquired many smaller company's in various country's to become Europe's largest.

The product is package delivery, my boss put it to me very well recently " We don't deliver pizza we just deliver packages if that fails we don't have anything else! " Then he continued to go on about competition and how cut throat it is and we have get all next day air delivered on time. Anyways UPS primarily delivers ground and air packages worldwide for a competitive price with very high reliability. They also provide good fright services with the acquiring of the Fright company Overnight recently.

I am one of very few employees that work in my area that actually believe in the company. I believe they are doing a good job at delivering packages to and from international. I think there doing a solid effort to compete without sacrificing quality like other providers. They have been delivering packages for 98 years they have extensive knowledge on the subject. I work hard in my position to ensure that everything gets delivered on time and mostly undamaged. I have always been known to stress to my employees that they need to treat every package as if it were there



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