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Analysis Of An It Organization

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Analysis of An IT Organization

As business practices become more and more automated and dependant on information as its prime resource, building an organization capable of successfully managing these resources becomes the major goal of the organization. Many companies today find themselves incorporating Information Technology Management entities (Frenzel, 1999). The inclusion of large-scale information resources also involves the creation of information systems capable of dealing with the challenges of effective management. This paper will discuss the structure of the Information Technology department at ALT, Inc., the duties and responsibilities of the IT department, and how the IT department contributes to the company’s success.

The Information Technology Department at ALT, Inc.

ALT, Inc. is an industry innovator in Systems Integration. The organization offers services in every area of information technology including; hardware and software integration solutions, e-commerce, web hosting, engineer and programming, and support and helpdesk services (CIO Magazine, 1999). The CEO attends to the company’s daily functions, but the area of Information Technology is left in the hands of the CIO. The Chief Information Officer at ALT is staffed by a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He functions along side the CEO and provides leadership for the entire engineering staff of the company. The Information Technology Services at ALT include Product Development, Network Operations, IT Engineering, and Support Services.

Duties and Responsibilities of the IT Department

The structure of the IT Department at ALT, Inc. is divided into three areas; (1) Engineering, (2) Networking, and (3) Helpdesk Support. The Engineering department consists of one Systems Engineer and backed up by one Network Administrator. The Systems Engineer is responsible for overseeing all internal parts orders, external customer system configuration, and field engineering support. This Systems Engineer is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and capable of managing projects of all sizes. The Networking department is staffed by one Networking Administrator and backed up by the Systems Engineer. The Network Administrator’s role is to provide internal hardware, software, and networking support. This position also requires MSCE. The Helpdesk Support department is staffed by three Helpdesk Technicians, one Support Manager, and two Program Engineers. One A+ Certified technician provides direct end-user support for the company’s software applications. A second technician supports web development and the third works in direct support of the Program Engineers. The Support Manager, who is also a MCSE, oversees daily operations within this department. The Program Engineers support the Support Manager by providing software



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