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Amul Dairy Camel Milk

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Amul Dairy, the market pioneer in the Indian milk industry, held its market position by spearheading a few dynamic activities and reacting to customer patterns with nonstop item improvement. Camel drain, a moderately new wellbeing focused dairy item, was being hailed as "white gold" and touted as a superfood in Australia and in some Western nations. Amul Dairy had an open door in 2015 to exploit changing shopper inclinations and advance in the developing dairy advertise by propelling the offer of camel milk in India. Amul needed to access capability and competitors in India booming dairy product market where a growing economic and increasing health awareness where pushing Indian consumer to look at healthier nutritional options. Should Amul Dairy enter the promising camel milk showcase? Given that Indian purchasers were ignorant of camel drain as a market item, by what means should Amul Dairy advance this one of a kind item? By what means should the organization use its significant image nearness to conquer the difficulties looked in the dispatch and dispersion of camel milk?

Main Report:-

Situation Analysis:


The Protagonist in this case is Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (AMUL). The central issue of this case is regarding decision making whether Amul should introduce the product exclusively for autistic and diabetic patients, or should the company promote camel milk as a healthy variant for fitness- and health-conscious customers in general?


To position their product, Camel’s Milk as diabetic friendly in the mind of target consumers in the Indian dairy market.

Problem Statement:

The main problem which the company has to address is to position their product whether as autistic and diabetic patients camel milk or as a healthy variant for fitness- and health- conscious drink for general consumers.



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