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Amreican Expansion

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American expansion during the 1890s.

Some of the reason's or justification for promoting expansion was, The "Pride and Power" belief that justified that since America was a great world power it must take its rightful place among the other world powers.

That, "We Must Spread Democracy Around the World" so that all nations could have the same and greatest form of government in the world.

That, "We Must Spread Christianity Around the World" so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ could be heard and believed every where. That, "The White Man's Burden" being obvious that the white man was the superior race and should lead the cause to bring civilization to all. That, "Social Darwinism" theory of the survival of the fittest, which was obviously the democracy of the white man. The other side of this is LAISSEZ- FAIR. Which said we shouldn't try to help the weak because it goes against the natural flow of life. The, "Economic reasons" that pushed for colonies for three reasons. 1. Financial & Investments 2. Manufacturing 3. Trade

The "military requirement" based on Alfred Thayer Mahan's book. The need of coaling stations throughout the seas to support and defend the shipping trade and Navel Fleet. Finally the, "Frontier Theory" found in a book written by Fredrick Jackson Turner, " Significance of the Frontier in American History".

The reasons for the American entry into the Spanish-American War.

The humanitarian and idealistic concerns of the mistreatment of the Cuban freedom fighters by the Spanish. Spanish Ambassador to the Unites States DeLome's letter stating that President McKinley was weak for not responding. The USS Maine being blown up and sunk in Havana harbor. The Yellow Press sensationalizing stories about the mistreatment of the Cuban freedom fighters. The mission of Senator Redfield Proctor, who went to Cuba to investigate the mistreatment of the Cuban freedom fighters. He went looking for concentration camps that the Spanish were running. The political pressure on President McKinley



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