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American Religious Diversity

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American Religious Diversity

The reading of The Spirituality of Congress was as much surprising as it was no surprise at all, if that makes any sense. I guess what I mean is that it makes sense that there would be that much diversity in congress or in government because that same diversity exists in the world we live in. It is good that the people that represent us as a nation are in fact representative of us as a nation.

The separation of church and state that we have founded our country on, which seems to have worked for our benefit in the most part, can some times be twisted to serve the purpose of who it is that is trying to make a point, whatever it may be. People will at times define that separation as religious freedom, which in my mind is not the correct definition. Although we as a country do have religious freedom, the protection that exists is to keep the government from making decisions based on a singular religious belief.

It has been used to have religious items removed from government buildings and the word God removed from the pledge of allegiance. I know I am speaking for more than just myself when I say I doubt that is what or Founding Fathers had in mind.

I think in some ways political correctness has pushed its way into what could be described as this “separation” grey area. One that now somewhat limits how we can celebrate our own personal religion. When Christmas parties now become “holiday” parties, are we really free?



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