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American Definition

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American Definition

In America a black cat is concentrated bad luck if you see it while driving,but in Japan they are seen as a sign of good fortune. Many people look to our country as a place where a family from a strict environment to come to america and create a new and better life for themselves. In my essay I will be giving you the reader my perspective on how I define America and Americans.

Whenever a women from Saudi Arabia thinks about America, she thinks of the rights and the freedom the women and men in this country have U.S. Americans are very fortunate to have such freedom that was given to us from the United States constitution. When I think of the rights the people of America have,I think of a quote from a speech president Abraham Lincoln give during The Gettysburg Address.”This nation...shall have a new birth of freedom….of the people,by the people,for the people…”.From my knowledge I believe that president Lincoln was stating that the new America after this war is an American that acknowledge the citizen and the god given rights, and also he wanted the southern and northern states to come together to put the past behind them and actually become the United States.The general public of Saudi Arabia have zero freedom of speech toward their government or the leader on how they run their country.If a person decides to stand against the powers they will either get executed or get thrown into jail for disloyalty .We Americans are more fortunate to have the freedom to speak what we dislike about our country’s government.We also can request for changes to happen to make it better without being threatened by the government for noticing the flaws.

To call yourself America means that you function as one. Of course to act like an american you would have to believe that your one,you would have to have pride in being an american no matter the circumstances. In America on



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