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Definition Of American Culture

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Definition of American Culture

Throughout American history we have had acknowledged many different traits on culture that no other foreign country or culture might have. Our unique ways of handling ever day life differ from any other culture in the whole entire world; many of these traits can be terrible things and some not as bad. Most Americans of society have shown that we are so far in common with each other and the traits that help form us are tragedy, style and popularity, and moving on in life. Sometimes the most tragic and scary events are the only way to express this culture to show what is that makes Americans so different from the next country. What defines the culture in tragic events can be shown from events such as the Kennedy Jr. plane crash and the John F. Kennedy assassination. Style and popularity have been shown from the Beetles and Elvis and have spread all over the country. Last is "moving on" one of the most recognizable traits that Americans all have when it comes to events such as the explosion of the challenger and the sinking of the Edward Fitzgerald. All together though, the most well known part of American culture would have to be the tragedies that the country has over-faced that are just remembered throughout our minds.

When one looks back to tragedies who can't think about what happened with the Kennedy's who have had so much bad things happening to the family it could just be overwhelming. When Kennedy Jr.'s plane went down over the ocean in 1999 it was just a surreal moment. No one could have suspected that such a young man could die at such a young age, this was no minor incident, and this impacted the whole nation. This major tragedy took out ever cable station to show the live updates on the story, everyone came together to watch television and find out what they could. Many people who have never met him, all around the U.S., cried for him and his family. People die every day and it isn't often showed on television but when John F. Kennedy Jr. died it was a tragedy for the whole country to face. When John F. Kennedy died in 1963 complete shock came to everyone, people who had someone even die that day set it aside. Even if it was a family member whom they knew all their life and who had never met the President ever cared more about him. For someone to put all their concern into a person who that person never met or been around to put their death in front of their whole live to discontinue anything they are doing to find out everything they could on his death would clearly be a tragedy. John F. Kennedy was a man who was popular ever since he was elected president and before which made this other culture trait so big popularity and style.

Around the mid 1900's a face popped out to the American public and that was the one of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock. So many people of America loved the man and he was one of the most popular people at his time. Problem was if someone didn't like him at that time that person would be unpopular because Elvis was the man of his time and was too popular from his new wave of music. When something new hits the country like rock it spreads throughout the country and before one knows it the whole country is wearing Elvis bell-bottoms and has his hairstyle. When the Beetles came out this also hit the nation and



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