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American Communism

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It would not be wrong to say that capitalism is the major political as well as ideological sentiment that is prevalent in the United States. The communist ideology and the capitalist ideas are diametrically opposite in their approach to life and all its finer elements. In addition to being a capitalist country, the United States is the most powerful country in this world. Therefore, it is quite obvious that the communist party considers the United States as one of its main enemies.

The sentiments of the communist party ideologues are almost always directed against the capitalist sentiments of the United States. On the other hand, the United States also considers the communists as one of their main adversaries, and has embarked on a global initiative to try and efface communism from many smaller countries across the world. While the bitterness between the communists and the United States shows no sign of abating, it is interesting to note that these opposite ideologies often derive strength from the weakness of the other, to grow and establish itself more firmly in the world. For example, politicians in the United States may consider communism as a danger to progress and liberty, and would readily cite examples of Stalin's atrocities as proof of the potential for communism to operate against human liberty and freedom. In fact, the biggest accusation that the United States levels against communism is that it is anti-people and does not acknowledge the need for freedom and liberty of the masses. On the other hand, the communists cite Vietnam, globalization issues, unethical transnational business ventures and more recently, Iraq, as examples of the illegal intervention of the US in the affairs of other nations that are not able to defend themselves against the might of the US military. In fact, it may be seen that communism and capitalism are at loggerheads with regard to many issues like business, indigenization, exports, finance and human rights.



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