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Albert Kennedy

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Albert Kennedy is a true Canadian hero. He is a man who should be remembered forever for his bravery and courage during World War One battles.

Albert was born in Quaterland, Straid Co. Antrim, Ireland on February 4th, 1893. He was married to a young woman, Elizabeth, and together the young couple had a baby boy. Albert was working as a clerk in post office station �A’ prior to shipping off to war. They were living in a house located at 628 Gladstone Avenue in Toronto Ontario, when Albert left for war in October 1916. Albert, at twenty-four years of age, began his journey with an infantry battalion as Pte. Albert Kennedy. In December 1916, he arrived in France. It was recorded that, on April 6th 1917, Albert wrote a letter home, telling Elizabeth and their son that he was safe and doing quite well considering the horrible conditions in which war brings upon so many.

This letter from Albert relieved Elizabeth, however, she was still worried about her three brothers who were also in the army. Her brothers were Thomas, William B., and Janick King. Thomas worked with the Canadian Engineers and trained in England in 1917. William was wounded in October 1916, and went out to fight again in France in 1917, and Janick trained at Exhibition Camp with the Army Service Corps. in 1917.

On April 9, 1917, Kennedy was declared �missing,’ but his wife was extremely hopeful that it was just a miscommunication and that her husband would be home to help her raise their son and be with his family once again. It didn’t work out the way that Elizabeth had hoped for because Albert Kennedy was declared dead on May 25, 1917. Like so many, Albert Kennedy did not survive war. The cause of his death is unknown- although it is said to be a common war death. He left his family and friends to fight for his country, but he not only fought for his country- he died



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