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Albert Einstein

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Through our existence as a human race there have been many brilliant individuals. Many of theses of these men and women have developed new theories, invented new devices, or have discovered new lands. It is almost an impossible task to pick one person's life to write. After much research I have decided that Mr. Albert Einstein is a perfect candidate.

Albert Einstein was born in WÑŒrttemberg, Germany on March fourteenth eighteen seventy four. Shortly after young Albert was born his family moved to Munich, Germany where his father, Hermann Einstein, opened up an electro-chemical business. In 1886 Albert Einstein started his schooling and music lessons. About this time Albert also began taking much interest in the world of religion. He would study and read his bible at home very often until he discovered his love for mathematics and science. Then around 1894 Albert's family moved to Milan, Italy, but Albert stayed behind to continue school. In 1895 Albert took and failed an exam that would have allowed him to study for his degree in electrically engineering. Then in 1896 Albert denounced his German Citizenship and moved to Aarau Switzerland where he continued school in hope of making it to the ETI School in Zurich where he planned

to study physics and mathematics. Then in 1900 he graduated from the School in Zurich and became a teacher in physics and mathematics. But finding a job was not easy. It took him till 1901 to land a small temporary teaching job at a private school in Schaffhausen. Not only was finding a good teaching opportunity tough for young Albert, but he narrowly escaped being part of the Swiss Army due to the fact that he had flat feet.

Then in 1902 one of Albert's friends father helped find him a job as a third ranked technician at a Patent office in Bern, Albert worked there from 1902 until 1909. During his time at the Patent office, Albert was able to achieve many things. He was able to publish many different articles of theoretical physics, and also earned several promotions. One of the most outstanding achievements during this time was in 1905 when Albert Einstein earned his doctorate degree from the University of Zurich. To earn this degree he wrote three outstanding papers based off of the theories of Maxwell, Planck, and Gibbs. In the first paper written he talked about electromagnetic theory, and used it to explain the photoelectric effect by which certain what is today called the special theory of relativity. He discussed how he knew that the answer could be found from non-moving motion. Einstein knew from objects emitted so many electrons that they emitted light. The final paper discussed statistical mechanics. This paper gave a great deal of evidence that atom-sized molecules existed, even though it was often theorized ( The second paper was about

In 1908 Einstein became a teacher at the University of Bern, and then about a year later he became a physics professor at the University of Zurich, and quit his job at patent office. About this time a lot of things were really starting to happen for Einstein. In 1909 he was considered one of the most renowned scientific thinkers and also landed another new job at the Karl-Ferdinand University in 1911. This was considered a huge step for Einstein. This teaching position at this school was what allowed him to begin to understand and develop different theories about how light bends towards the sun.

From here Einstein really started to take off. Around the turn of the new decade he and one of his fellow graduates started a new phase of gravitational research. Einstein they moved back to Germany where he became the chair at the University of Berlin, and became part of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. Soon after this Einstein published different works, including several of the General Relativity theory, earning the respect of several peers and the press. Then one of his first great achievements happened in 1921. Albert received a noble peace prize for some of his earlier work in 1905.

Now to understand all of Einstein's achievements I feel it would be best to explain the theory of general relativity. First of all what exactly to Einstein state about this theory? He said that this theory, referred to as the General Theory of Relativity, proposed that matter causes space to curve. An easy way to see this is picture a bowling ball stretched out on a rubber sheet. Now imagine that we drop a baseball in the center of that mat. Which way do you think the ball may role? The theory of general relativity says that the baseball will role towards the bowling ball because smaller objects move towards bigger objects. The reason for this is that smaller objects travel through space that has been warped by bigger objects (Board of trusties, University of Illinois). Another concept to Einstein's theory is that



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