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Affirmative Action

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The term, Affirmative Action, was first used or issued by President John F. Kennedy. President Kennedy is the first person to make reference to affirmative action, but President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act (Affirmative action) in 1964. Since then, I believe affirmative action has been desensitized. Originally, affirmative action "means giving preferential treatment to minorities in admission to universities or employment in government and business." The policies were developed to help heal decades of discrimination and racism in America. In addition, apply a kick-start boost to the minorities.

A major recital effect caused by affirmative action is reverse discrimination. Affirmative actions suppose to end discrimination and unfair treatment of employees and student based on color, instead, do the opposite. Instead of letting the image of discrimination of color and gender be destroyed, affirmative action concentrates on these sensitive subjects. With this policy in effect, discrimination in America will never disappear. Also, I believe Affirmative action is also a type of discrimination. I don't believe in the used of discrimination to solve discrimination formed from the past. Instead of solving the discrimination that exists, it has been redefined to the whites for being the minority. In addition, why can't Affirmative Action be on the side of any whites. It is unfair to help and take a side based on color. In addition, Affirmative action has this stereotypical view as if only the racial/sex groups, other than white men, can be the victims of discrimination.

I think Affirmative Action also creates unfair concepts in College minority programs. If the Asian students in a college have the right to create an Asian Pride program at the college they attend, then in the same reference, why can't the Caucasian students create a White Power program. I predict if that were created, the result to the development of the White Power program would be hundreds, if not, thousands of complaints or lawsuits directed toward the school. Affirmative Actions works when it was first developed and has devalued discrimination from the start. However, this policy should either be redefined or terminated because discrimination of either color or gender



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