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Advanced Technoogy

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In today's push-button world, the expression "the world is getting smaller everyday" could not be truer. Technology has shrunk distances and differences, and even brought down many cultural barriers. Lift your handset and dial, and you are connected to the other side of the world. Change the channel on your TV, and alien nations come to life in your living room. Log on, and a whole new world of weird and wonderful communications is only a mouse click away. It is not only our high-tech appliances that are becoming more compact and pocket-sized; it is the very planet on which we live. You might ask yourself, what is the world coming to? Today, people always tend to seek the easy way out. They look for something that will make their lives easier. Computers and the internet have given us the ability to do that. This rage of technology has given us the ability to do more in less time. As technology advances, computers become faster and more powerful. Everyday a better, more powerful and advanced computer is made and the internet being the doorway to the future. Computers affect the way we learn. In most schools, like ours, there are computers in every classroom. Before computers, research was done in a library with a pile of books spread all over the table. Thanks to computers and the internet today if you go to the library you see the number of computers multiply but books seem to disappear. Now with the click of a button all the information you could ever need is at your finger tips. The internet has opened many doors for students today. It is on television, in magazines, newspapers, and in our schools.



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