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Aced 4050 - Corporate Social Responsibility (csr)

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Essay Preview: Aced 4050 - Corporate Social Responsibility (csr)

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Diondra J. Arnold

ACED 4050

Valdosta State University

March 22, 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


      Corporate Social Responsibility also referred to as CSR can be defined as the “economic, legal, ethical and discretionary expectations that society has of organizations at a given point in time” (Carroll and Buchholtz 2003, p.36).  Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses responsibilities that go pass the law it involves good morale judgment and behavior.  The company must adopt a good corporate culture.  “Corporate culture is that invisible driving force that reflects the collective values and behaviors of those associated with the organization” (Odgers 2005, p. 40).  Corporate Social Responsibility also requires that the corporation live up to the expectations of the community.  These expectations may include making the community a better place to live.  In decision making a corporate leader should base all decisions on honest communication, fair treatment, social responsibility, fair competition, responsibility to the company and respect for the law.  

CSR and Human Rights

     Corporate Social Responsibility understands that human rights are important to many aspects of corporate activity.  Non-discrimination, labor rights and the right to clean drinking water are a few examples those human rights.  Many companies have adopted Human rights policies inside their companies to ensure human rights are respected. The Chevron Corporation adopted a human rights policy in 2009.  Their policy was endorsed by the United Nations in 2011.  The UN has a set of guiding principles on business and human rights that must be adhere to.  Although it is the responsibility of the government to protect our human rights, corporate social responsibility makes it the responsibility of the corporation.

CSR and Labor Standards

     According to the International Labor Organization (2009), nearly 200 million children are engaged in some form of child labor, with a majority of those children engaged in hazardous work. Children who are engaged in exploitative labor often work with little or no pay, with limited or no access to education, and are at high risk of abuse.  Corporate Social Responsibility provides guidance to ensure labor standards such as child labor are adhered to at all times, regardless of profit or loss.  In an effort to educate organization on how they can prevent child labor, The International Labor Organization (ILO) and the International Organization of Employers (IOE) created the “Guidance tool on How to do Business with Respect for Children’s Rights to be Free from Child Labour”

CSR and The Environment

     Corporate Social Responsibility involves the corporation voluntarily going beyond the laws or government requirements to do what is best for the environment, even if changes and increased precautions do not increase profit.  Many corporations are taking steps towards becoming environmentally friendly, by increasing environmental commitments.  Some do so by “Going Green”.  "Going Green" means practicing an environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible lifestyle as well as making decisions to help protect the environment and sustain natural resources (2015).  Each corporation decides exactly how they can contribute to making the environment better, examples include reducing air and water pollution, greenhouse gases, protecting the ozone layer and deforestation.  CSR includes taking the high road when it comes to providing environmental protection at all costs or maximize profits at the cost of damaging the environment.  

CSR and Anti-Corruption Policies

     Corruption occurs when there is a misuse of power for personal gain.  Corporate Social Responsibility requires an increase in basic beliefs. “Basic beliefs are deeply felt moral and ethical principles that guide decision making and behavior” (Odgers 2005, pg. 230).  Leaders must have good values and ethics to conquer corruption.  Corporate Social Responsibility ensures that corporations are value-driven, producing high quality products and services, respecting all individuals involved, and demonstrating good values.  After numerous displays of corruption it is important that corporations gain the trust of the public.  CSR ensures that companies will be more accountable, more open and allow more public knowledge on their performance.  



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