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Account Reflective Paper

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Derek Fenton


Business Capstone

                                Account Reflective Paper

        My name is Derek Fenton I am an accounting and finance major at Grand View university. A good business person has to be able to separate himself from his work and personal life. In business if you cant be able to separate the two differences you could bring negative impacts into your place of business or your personal life. They have to be able to interact with co workers and customers alike. When in a business place you have to be able to interact with people you work with to get things done in a quickly and timely manner. In a lot of businesses you will work in teams and if you lack good personal skills of communication with your co workers you wont be able to be efficient. Efficiency leads me to my next trait if you aren't efficient at work then you wont be helping your company earn and produce at its max level which is ultimately what you want in a business.  When in business if you want to be successful you have to do what you enjoy. If you are doing what you enjoy it goes back to efficiency you going to like what you do and be more inept to get things done faster. Lastly always project a good image for yourself and the business you work for. If people think of your business and who you are in a good way you are going to be more likely to get a repeat customer. If they think of you or your business in a negative way its likely you just lost a customer and that's never a good thing.

        There are a lot of things that matter to me in my profession. As an accounting major i strive for accuracy and trying to be perfect in the workplace. As an accountant its important to be accurate because even being off by the slightest can ruin a business or someone's career. Another issue to me that is important is being ethical especially in accounting. If you aren't doing the ethical thing and you are reporting or fudging books in favors of the company of people you work for you can run into the same issues. The last issue that is important to me in accounting is trust. You are trusted by your peers and co workers to do your work properly. Like I have mentioned earlier in my essay if you don't do the right you can hurt others. Another thing that is big to me is you got to know when you have to step away. On accounts of my professors and other peers that have gone on and graduated accounting work can take over your life. These kind of things can wear on a person and cause them to do things that aren't exactly ethical or bad for there health.

        I have a pretty clear understanding of what I want to do with my life. I have decided after 4 years of college that I'm going to start studying immediately for my CPA exam, that way I can get certified as soon as possible after school ends. After I take my CPA exam I want to work in the public accounting area and do tax work. I also feel like my vocation will eventually lead me to non profit work because I enjoy working for a cause and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. What I really want to get into is working with inner city kids that don't have a lot. During the summer after my freshman year of college I worked in the summer program for Des Moines Parks and Recreation program for kids with low income family's. It was an amazing opportunity and really gave me an invite into know that it was what I wanted to do.

        My major has definitely impacted my professional pursuits. If I wouldn't have decided on accounting right out of high school I probably would have never thought that being a CPA would even be possible. However as I mentioned before working with kids of low income family's through non profit would still be there. That came through tennis which is why I even ended up here at Grand View. I also wouldn't be pursuing public accounting if I wasn't trying to be a CPA. My life since I have come to Grand View has ended up being one giant puzzle as one piece is laid the foundation for another is set.



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