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Acceptable Accommodation

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The most challenging aspect of the process is going to be who decides which accommodations are reasonable and fair. What is fair to one group is not going to be seen as fair to another and people are going to want know how decisions were made during this process. Was there a non bias representative for the immigrants to ensure they have a voice during this process? A lot of the traditions and religious laws practiced by some immigrants are misunderstood by many. To ensure the process is fair, those who make the decisions need to have the correct understanding of the traditions and religious laws in question before they can make a just ruling on if and how they should be accommodated.

Every human being has the right to keep their traditions and religious beliefs alive no matter where they choose to reside in this world. The same can be said for keeping Quebec society unchanged by outside influences. The people of Quebec have the right to keep their culture untouched. The process is allowing traditional and mainstream Quebec society the chance to protect its culture from thinning out with the introduction of the various other cultures being introduced by immigrants wishing to live in Quebec. For some in Quebec the introduction of other cultures is looked at as a threat to their own culture and having a say on how and if a certain culture is going to be accommodated is a great way to ensure the purity and longevity of their culture.

Being new to Quebec society and walking into a place where the people are not open to allowing you to maintain a link to your culture and beliefs is frightening. You are looked down upon based on lack of understanding for your culture and beliefs. The right to practice traditions and laws you practiced in your birth country is left in the hands of people who have little to no information about your traditions and beliefs is an even more frightening experience. To basically be told that your beliefs and or traditions



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