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Abortion Essay

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Abortion is sometimes called murder other times a way to get out. It just depends on how the person sees it, most of the time the women see it as nothing but a blob, other times as a new little life that depends on you. There are many ways to get an abortion. Also there are many dangers to it too. Abortion you either like it or hate it.

To some women being pregnant is the most wonderful time in their life. To other it's the scariest or the biggest distraction in their life . It can depend on religious factors or just personal feelings. The Abortion doctors don't tell you that you may need counseling , how you will feel , or that you may never have kids again with this abortion.

There are many ways to get an abortion either by vacuuming it out, surgery , cutting it up into pieces, or even crushing its head. Many of the abortion take more then one day for the operations .It depends on which operation you choose. Abortions may pay less then what it might cost to raise a child but you might one day wonder what child could have been.

Along with abortion there are some danger. Remember you are stopping the process before its time. Some women have nonstop bleeding, get terrible infection form where bacteria has gotten into, left

some parts of the baby inside of you, vaginal scaring. Sometimes they could be dangerously close to killing you other times they are normal operations.

It depends on you to figure it out. Weather to vacuum out your baby .Wandering for the rest of your life who this little person could have been. Taking a dangerous risk just because of some stupid mistake. Abortion its up to you to decide it is murder or is it a way out.



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