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Abortion Case

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The world we live in is morally bankrupt. The reason global economic crisis has exposed not just the flaws in various economic models but also the moral corrosion in society itself. What we have today is a society in which materialism overwhelms moral commitment. A global community where almost everything is for sale, from human worth to international justice

Abortion is am act of murder committed by two parties namely: the mother and the abortionist, against the life that already existed inside the mother's womb. Thus, our religion vehemently condemns abortion as a form of birth control. In our country, abortion is still prohibited under the existing law. Even if this act were to be sanctioned, our church would still hold on firmly to its stand against abortion.

The prevalence of crime everywhere in the world has brought increasing dangers, anxiety and fear to many people. As the occurrences of crime become more rampant, we cannot tell who the next victim will be and where the crime will take place. What many parents worry about is the noticeable involvement of the youth in so many crimes that are committed everyday. In addition to this we should verge the young people to behave carefully and to be self-controlled. So, young people should stay away from evil companions or gangs that want them to bed their partners in crime, nor who turn from God's ways to walk down dark and evil paths.

Abortion before was observed with high regard by women because this is one of our God's law, thus he will strictly prohibits this crime or practice. However, nowadays the high regard or attention to this act or practice is very transparent by most teenagers especially those who are live in partners and engage. This is very alarming one crime that involves the teenagers who don't know whether this crime or this practice may give harm to their health or to their well-being. As for my opinion regarding abortion, the Government, private and



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