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Abortion Ð'- Right Or Wrong

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Abortion consideration requires one to look at the law, social thoughts, religious

concepts, family emotions and, ethics and morality.

Pro-choice organizations believe the fetus is not a human

being and abortion is a woman's right to choose.

Pro-lifers, on the other hand, claim that a human being

begins at conception, and to abort a fetus is murder. If

the woman has a choice, should not the future child also

have a choice. And who represents the rights of that

child? The main question is when does life begin. If it

is at the time of fertilization, and the baby's life is not

interrupted by abortion, then he or she will someday become

an adult man or woman. Abortion is murder, and intentional

murder, according to the law is wrong.

If a woman has the

right to choose then that means that the right of the child

to live is threatened. If the fetus is given the right to

survive than the right of the woman is denied. Fetal

rights raises issues of moral status, human potential and

the relationship that would develop with the mother. s

this where the law steps in or can Pro-Lifers protect the

child? not the future childWhy you ask is this murder when

many believe the fetus is not yet human. Because someday it

will grow to become a participating adult in society.

Abortion is wrong, because taking a life is


viable. Because should this is the taking of a

humanthe fetus be alllowed to grow it would be come

asnduced abortion rather than spontaneous abortion (one

where the body has rejected the fetus, whether by injury or

because the fetus is notkAk developing naturally), which is

referred to as miscarriage, has been one of the most

intense ethical issues of the decade. Many individuals as

well as groups, claim a woman has the right to do as she

pleases to her body. This would include the decision to

abort a fetus just for the sake of doing it. It could be

because of harm to her body, because it has been determined

that the fetus could be handicapped, or just because she

doesn't feel that she wants to become a mother. Sometimes

the woman is pressured into abortion by family and friends

even though she doesn't want to. On the other hand,

pro-lifers feel it is murder to kill a fetus.


organizations believe the fetus is only a potential human

being until it is viable. They believe the fetus has no

rights, that the rights belong to the woman carrying the

fetus, and that she can determine whether or not to abort.

But who determines the viability of a fetus. Is it when

the fetus is fully formed or when a distinction can be

made? If pro-choice supporters believe a fetus has no

rights until it is viable, consider what science considers

"viable." The current definition of viability is a fetus

at 24 weeks gestation. At this time a fetus is about 12

inches in length and about 1 Ð'Ð... pounds. If this is what a

fetus is like at 24 weeks, how much different can it be at

23 weeks. But it is okay to kill this human being because

it isn't viable. There have even been times when a fetus

is born at 22 weeks and with intensive medical care has

been kept alive. If this is true, how can we "murder" a

child and say it isn't a viable human being. Even at the

end of the first trimester (3 months or 12 weeks) the toes

and fingers become differentiated as well as the external

genitalia, and is about five inches long.

Although health

is not the main reason for abortion, there are many times

that it is necessary to abort because the mother's health

is at stake. Both sides, pro-choice and pro-life groups

agree that abortion is necessary. But who defines

"health". Is it when the mother can die or may become

incapacitated? Does this also include the psychological

issue? Could a woman be so depressed that she is

completely incapacitated. Are there not people that are so

depressed that they can't get out of bed. The National

Abortion Federation claims that scientific research

indicates that woman show little emotional trauma. It is

claimed that any stress or anxiety exists prior to the

abortion and that after, there is more positive



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