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Abnormal Psychology - Diagnostic Case Study

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Essay Preview: Abnormal Psychology - Diagnostic Case Study

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Abnormal Psychology



(Patricia S. San Pascual)

Name of client: Joshua

Gender: Male

Age: 19 years old

Date of Assessment Interview: March 8, 2017


  Joshua is 19 years old, lives in Lot 16 blk. 48 Greenbrier Village Guinayang San Mateo Rizal, 3rd year college taking up Bachelor of Science in Criminology of ICCT Colleges. His mother Jenny 41 of aged worked as a Call center agent at Makati city and his father Arthur 43 of aged is a Company driver. He’s the only child of his parents. Joshua loves to play guitar and online games. His childhood best friend are Camille and Arvin they treated each other as a siblings. And according to him, while He’s growing up both of his parents was too busy to their job. Most of the time only her Aunt Christy aged 34, the younger sister of her mother, is the one who raises and always take care of him.


  He always got a school achievements since then, but his parent does not appreciated him and he said he only want to praise him of what he got, but they just give him a money or material things as a reward. He felt sad and negligible to that, he started to over react or being excessive emotion and there are times he wanted to rebel on his parents or when his father talked to him he argue, just to caught his attention and appreciation. He also said “Sana kasi may time sila saakin nag iisa na nga lang akong anak eh tapos di pa ko mabigyan ng panahon, nag aaral naman ako ng mabuti para maimpress naman sila pero parang wala lang yon sa kanila, and kahit naman na may mga kaibigan ako na nagpapasaya sakin gusto ko din naman na sila yung makasama ko, hind ko naman hinahangad na yumaman kami eh!”


  I  asked  him  aside  of  what  he  felt  to  his  parents,  is  there  anything  else  he  has  a  problem  or  make  him  sad?

  He say’s 5 months ago he had a relationship with her ex. Girlfriend Julia also 18 years old they have been in a relationship for almost 1 year and 6 months. “I really love her she makes me feel that I’m special and important, but at some point she doesn’t talked to me or even texted me. Kaya gumawa ako ng paraan para lang bumalik yung dating sya na laging may oras para sakin, ang ginawa ko nag papanggap ako lagi na may sakit or naaksidenteng napilayan, so okay lang sakin kahit na di ako nakakapasok sa school at mas ikinatuwa ko pa dahil biglang nagkaroon ng paki alam sakin ang magulang ko.”



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