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A Visit At Depressed Areas

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I was there in that little room of the house listening intently at every word Manong Dolfo was saying. Manong Dolfo is the brother-in-law of our host family, the Obejos. At first, he was pouring all the hardships in his life. He was saying how hard life is to the point that once one stops working it might be the end of the person's survival. He was telling us that hardwork is the key to survival. Manong Dolfo has done almost every job a normal man who wasn't able to graduate would do; from painter to elevator conductor, from construction worker to butcher, he has done it and he will be going to Riyadh to work. What I admire with Manong Dolfo he is determined to make money in any way but in a good way, he told me that he would never do any crime and I really see the sincerity with his words. Also, I admire his positive outlook in life, his being joyful and being malambing, and his simple ways of fun for himself and his friends. I also admire his generosity towards his wife and his sister-in-law (the mother of our host family), even if he has worked really hard for the money he has earned he is still willing to share that money for other's benefits. In him, I saw an "angel" in the midst of hardships, the place they call home.

Manang Maribel, the mother of our host family, told us that the creek near them is one of their problems, rain or shine their pathway is always muddy, and water. The creek is the source of a lot of sickness in the neighborhood. Also, when it rains the lower part of their neighborhood becomes flooded; luckily the water doesn't go in their house. But, in this case, I really can't do anything about this. Another complaint from manang was that their pathway is always muddy. Their pathway is not cemented and whenever someone in the neighborhood washes clothes the pathway gets wet and eventually muddy. It has always been like that. In this case, I won't be able to help them much here not unless I fund



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