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A State Of Mind

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SHIT? It is a whole state of mind... Rйflechissez when you go to the john, you say itself... "Ah!!Je naturally t'en will shit a whore of large shit, Ca will shit of the bubbles!!!" BUT only same Etes you conscious of the existence of your own shit, fruit of your entrails... Jako Boeuf said, I cite:"Tout man equipped with an anus of surcoit conscious of its existence cannot be conceived without the Shit." By this Quotation Jako Ox, proves to us that the shit exists, moreover it lives in symbiosis with its genitor: The man!!! This is the indubitable proof that the shit as bulky as it is! as puante as it soit!Que this shit exists beautiful and well in this world without pity... To return from there to the primary thought, the man who wants to shit, aprйs to be certain йxistence of its shit, does it have to wonder whether its shit is as large as it thinks it??? For that the man must unceasingly compare this divine feeling with those which it tested before, which it amene forcing, inevitably with the conclusion scatologique:Toute shit is relative in the face. an experimental method of calibration of the shit at summer developed by Jean-Phillipe Ball, disciple of famous Jako Ox... D=((Vh)І*P)/S D:diametre of the merde(en m) Vh:Vitesse of race towards the chiottes(en m/s) P:Poid of homme(en N) S:Superficie of the chiottes(en mІ) It is thus, which we learn that the larger the john is, the more the shits are small in diameter, which explains why people having a large surface of john, shit more per quantity of absorptive food than the other individuals. Exemple:La quiche shits a shit approximately 5.7 cm in diameter for an average length of Pastis house A recent Study with also allowed our laboratory of aproximer the length of a Shit. L=(Цt*q)/t+a L: length of the shit T: time since the last repas(en hour) Q: quantity of aerated beverage absorbйe(en L) T: Coefficient of contraction of rectum a: Age of the SDF of the corner



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