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A Solution To School Violence

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"A solution to school violence"

In my hometown of Monroe, Louisiana, we have solution to problems that may happen in schools. I think that most communities ignore the problems that happen in schools. With shootings in schools and many fights, this is one problem that needs to be solved immediately. In my town, we have a one strike rule, which is a great solution to some of the problems that happen in the schools. I know that money is a problem, but we can't put a price on our children's education. By any means necessary, we should do whatever it takes to insure security in our schools.

If a student initiates a fight, has drugs, or anything illegal in their possession, they will automatically be sent to an alternative school for students who are troublemakers. The students will be sent to the alternative school for the rest of the year and may file for reinstatement the next school year. This is also for students who have caused trouble in the school in the classrooms and just refuse to learn. This is a great solution because it allows the students who want to work to focus on their school work. It also helps the teachers, who have enough stress on them to be worried about students who are troublemakers.

While at the alternative school, the students are given counseling sessions to try and figure out what makes them do some of the bad things that they do. This is important so that the counselors can find out what is going on. Sometimes these problems start at home. Some parents are not hard enough on their children and just let them do what they want to do, but when their child gets into trouble they want to act like they care. I'm not blaming everything on the parent, but they have a big hand in what happens with their child.

If the child should do anything illegal at the alternative school, they will be sent to a juvenile detention center. Most



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