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A Road Less Traveled

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In "The Road Not Taken," the speaker stands in the woods contemplating a fork in the road. Both paths are worn, and the untrodden leaves lead the speaker to the conclusion that neither path has been taken. The speaker chooses to take one road now and the other later. However, after doing so, he realizes that he will probably not have the opportunity to take the other. When reflecting upon this decision in the future, he will wonder what is down that other path.

The end rhyme scheme in this poem is strict and follows the ABAAB pattern in four stanzas of five lines each. The theme of this poem is decision, and the roads are metaphors for different choices we make in life. The poem can more deeply symbolize that we are free to make choices, though sometimes it is unable to predict what those choices will lead to later in life. The speaker makes no suggestions to the reader as to which path to choose. In fact, the speaker focuses more on the present and the details in nature he encounters. The imagery, such as the "yellow woods" and "equally untrodden paths" makes it possible for the reader to see the setting from the speaker's point of view. The tone of the speaker is remorseful. The speaker knows that no matter which path is chosen, he is going to regret it in the future and wonder about what was down the path that he did not choose to take.



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