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A Remarkable Woman

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A Remarkable Woman

“ I will fight for my children on any level so they can reach their potential as human beings.” These are the compassionate words of the beautiful Princess Diana. This courageous woman was a leader, not a follower. She helped out numerous people because she chose too. Diana was also honest, because she faced world problems head on, and never overlooking what was happening in this world like the worldwide problem of landmines. This woman was also self confident! She was confident enough to believe that she could make a difference. Diana was a brave and noble woman, who will always be remembered. For these reasons, without a question, I nominate Princess Diana for the next Life’s Platinum Achievement Award.

Next, It is important to consider that Princess Diana was a very privileged child with a lot of back round. Born on July 1st, 1961, Diana was the youngest of the 8th Earl Spencer. She was born in Sandringham, Norfolk, E, England. Diana was educated at a private school in Norfolk, where she turned out to be an accomplished pianist. She was also a kindergarten teacher at a Young English school in Pimlico.

In addition, Princess Diana of Whales was a very successful woman who’s achievements in life should be considered. She was the head of multiple charities. She mainly cared for the homeless, deprived, and sick children. She was involved in helping people who were suffering from AIDS. Diana also raised public awareness for a world ban on landmines. She also became a very popular public figure on her own terms.

Finally, the life of a royal figure is mostly interesting and adventurous, in this case that was the life of Princess Diana. She was married to the Prince of Whales in 1981. This princess also had two sons named Prince William, and Prince Harry. Sadly, this intelligent princess died in a car crash in Paris, France,



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