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The Samaritan Woman

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The Samaritan Woman

John 4: 1-26

As Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman he met at the well in Sychar, which was next to the field that Jacob gave to Joseph, he desired to do more than to just demonstrate the intellectual superiority of the Jewish position over the Samaritans.(This statement assures us that it is not our place to Judge others. It was a known fact that the Jewish people did not lower themselves to speak to the Samaritan people, but Jesus did.) He wished to give a new life to this woman. By Hebrew time reckoning, the sixth hour would be noon and Jesus would be exhausted from walking. (This is one of the few places where Jesus shows normal human frailty.) When the woman asked how he was to draw water from the well, when he had no bucket or rope, and if he felt he was more powerful than Father Jacob who gave them the well, Jesus answered her by watering her with his Word and telling her that he who drinketh this water will again become thirsty but those who drink the water I offer will have a Well of Water springing up into everlasting life.(This is an obvious use of a metaphor as Living Water is used to demonstrate Everlasting Life.) After the woman asked Jesus to give her this everlasting well of water, Jesus understood that this woman could not receive such a gift without first admitting and then turning away from her sins, so He questioned her adulterous lifestyle and asked to call her husband, although he already knew there was no husband at home. (As stated her all things can be forgiven by our Lord, as long as we turn away from the sinful nature of the beasts.) Understandably, the knowledge that this beggar had, convinced the woman that he was a prophet. She then attempted to entangle Jesus in a debate about the location of worshiping. Jesus ended such debate by assuring her that the location of worship was unimportant. What was important was that one must



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